CHRISTMAS (3) – Butting Heads With Culture

  The much debated issue of celebrating Christmas or not goes back     much farther than you might realize . . .      back to the 2nd Century.   As the ‘good news’ about Jesus spread beyond Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria       to ‘the uttermost parts of the… Read moreCHRISTMAS (3) – Butting Heads With Culture

Christmas (2) – How Did It All Start?

    Jesus was miraculously born,      to a young couple           in the humble town of Bethlehem.   That is a fact of history.   Long before the event, prophets foretold His coming.      Isaiah called Him the ‘Prince of Peace‘ and declared… Read moreChristmas (2) – How Did It All Start?

CHRISTMAS – To Celebrate Or Not?

  Christmas is a season of great celebration, overwhelming     commercial inundation and much religious controversy. Let’s start with the obvious. No mention is made of December 25 or Christmas in the Bible.In fact, no indication is given of Jesus’ exact date of birth.   Nor is there any suggestion… Read moreCHRISTMAS – To Celebrate Or Not?