How to Manage Anxiety & Eliminate Anxiety Attacks

Shalom! How do you deal with the anxiety that creeps up on you too often? Your day unfolds smoothly. Out of nowhere a fretful thought accompanied by a worried feeling slips in. As thoughts gather momentum and anxious feelings accumulate, you begin to sweat, your heart pounds, and you are… Read moreHow to Manage Anxiety & Eliminate Anxiety Attacks

Wishful Thinking or Faith?

  What is the difference between faith and wishful thinking? The dictionary defines faith as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. Wishful thinking is “feeling or expressing strong desire or hope for something not easily attainable”. The difference? Complete trust and confidence vs feeling and strong desire. But,… Read moreWishful Thinking or Faith?

Under The Shadow

  Shalom! Psalm 91 is a signature affirmation of my faith. It aligns my spirit, soul and body with truth that sets me free.  My morning declaration is: I live in Your shadow, Almighty, and I say, “You are refuge! My fortress! My God! I trust You!” You rescue me… Read moreUnder The Shadow

Celebrate His Presence

Shalom! Becoming familiar with the Jewish roots of my Christian faith has added profound appreciation the grace of God. Am I converting to Judaism? Not at all. It simply means that I, a ‘wild olive shoot’ engrafted into the ‘root of Jesse’ (Jesus is that root), allow the ‘richness of… Read moreCelebrate His Presence