The Universe and everything in it was created by sound. We are told in Genesis 1 that the Creator spoke, and everything from light to humankind came into existence. As the sound left the Creator’s mouth, it became embedded in that which was created to be released in turn as… Read moreTHE SYMPHONY OF THE UNIVERSE

My son, my daughter (2)

  My son, my daughter, How do I love you? Let me tell the ways. My love is steadfast; it never ceases, Day by day new mercies it releases— Unfailing compassion, forgiveness and grace. My love is perfect; it casts out all fear Of judgment and shame—my Son bore it… Read moreMy son, my daughter (2)

Motivating Children to Learn

  How do you motivate children to learn? For some, it’s not a problem. They are born with an insatiable desire to get their hands on books. Others, well… Three of our four children were keen, highly-motivated students. And then, along came the youngest. She was bright and very intelligent;… Read moreMotivating Children to Learn