My son, My daughter, (5)

OUT OF CHAOS   My son, My daughter, In the beginning, I looked and all I could see was a vast empty space of nothingness. The earth was without form and void—an utterly shapeless, barren mass—and a pall of darkness hung like a death-shroud over the primordial waters. I am… Read moreMy son, My daughter, (5)

My son, My daughter, (4)

  My son, My daughter, There is but one moment between your past and your future—the PRESENT! It is a moment of decision; your choice shapes your future. Let go of your past, it does not define your destiny. Get up, press into the amazing future I have prepared for… Read moreMy son, My daughter, (4)

My Son, My Daughter (3)

  My son, my daughter, Before I spoke the Universe into existence, I chose YOU. I imagined what the world would be like because YOU are alive. I scanned the vast expanse of time, saw how history would unfold, and then determined the exact time, place and circumstances into which… Read moreMy Son, My Daughter (3)