Great Expectations and Exploding Faith

  This year, 2015, will be either a good year or a bad year. We have little control over the circumstances ahead, whether good or bad, but we do determine how we will manage the circumstances. The deciding factor is our expectation. If we expect the worst, we will be… Read moreGreat Expectations and Exploding Faith

What’s Ahead in 2015? (Part 2)

Not only is 2015 the year of the whirlwind, a year of shake-downs and changes, it is a year of the window. As a metaphor, window speaks of vista, opportunity and sovereign provision. So then, 2015 will be a year of unusual paradox. On the one hand, we will be… Read moreWhat’s Ahead in 2015? (Part 2)

What’s Ahead in 2015? (Part 1)

  As I sift through the forecasts of prophets and pundits, I ask Father, “What do YOU say about 2015?” An understanding of the Hebraic calendar is a helpful framework for what lies ahead. The year 2015 falls in the Jewish year 5775, represented by the Hebrew letter hey. Three… Read moreWhat’s Ahead in 2015? (Part 1)