The Marshmallow Test

  What does resisting the temptation to eat a marshmallow have to do with the ability to succeed? How important is it to teach our children self-control and the ability to delay gratification? Some 40 years ago, a psychologist devised an unusual test of self-control. Walter Mischel set a plate… Read moreThe Marshmallow Test

Be the Difference — Care

All of us want to make a difference. Our sense of worth is validated when we make a difference—in our family, at work, to our friends. The question is how? The starting point is to focus on being rather than making a difference. Making a difference is not so much… Read moreBe the Difference — Care

2016 — Things Must Change

  It is a common tradition as a new year begins to make New Year’s resolutions. According to Wiki-dictionary, these are “promises to do acts of self-improvement or something slightly nice beginning from New Years’s Day.” I am not making any New Year’s resolution this year, I am serving notice… Read more2016 — Things Must Change