A Parable




A prosperous merchant employed a servant to manage the household duties. The young maiden took great joy in performing her tasks. Applying full attention, skill and creativity, she lifted each job out of the mundane into the realm of the uncommon, stamped with the mark of excellence. Thus, despite her lowly position of servitude, the maiden evoked an aura of dignity by her cheerful demeanor and authentic manner.

It happened one day while her master was away on business, that thieves broke into the house to plunder. Though warned by the intruders to stand clear as they went about looting, the young maiden sprang upon them like a wild cat, scratching and clawing. The burglars drew back stunned for a brief moment by the shrieking menace.

Then uncontrollable rage erupted from the dark recesses of their evil hearts. A frenzy of meaty fists beat the maiden to the floor. Mad with fury, the beasts then kicked mercilessly at her limp body. She lay at the threshold of death before they left off to their plundering again.

On his return several days later, the merchant was distraught by the incident. As he arose in the morning, he was amazed to find his breakfast prepared and his table set as usual. Even greater was his surprise, and his concern, as he turned to see the maiden coming from the kitchen, with carefully measured steps, bringing his meal.

“Maiden, what are you thinking! You were a breath away from death! The physician ordered rest! What are you doing on your feet!” the master demanded.

“Forgive me, master, but if serving is my gift and my call, I am as good as dead if I do not serve,” the maiden replied humbly.


Image courtesy www.diegovelazquez.org