A Seed of Faith



Jesus tells the very well-known parable of the Sower who went out to sow seed. He explains that He is the sower and the Word (i.e eternal truth in the Bible) is the seed. Faith begins as a seed.

As we hear or read a verse of Scripture, the eternal truth embedded in the verse penetrates our mind. Often our initial response is ,“Can this be true?” This response, sincere and authentic, is usually intuitive, i.e. from our sub-conscious mind which is far more easily penetrated by Holy Spirit.

Too many times, as our conscious mind (thoroughly conditioned to conform to the thinking of world systems) kicks in, our second response is, “That can’t be true!” followed all to soon by “I don’t believe that!” A seed of faith is destroyed, a seed that could have grown into ever-increasing freedom (“the truth will set you free”) and fruitfulness (“and you shall be as a well-watered garden”).

Faith is a gift of grace, not a stroke of genius or creative imagination. It is a sovereign act of Holy Spirit implanting eternal truth in our minds (hearts, if you prefer). It is a thought or insight that we would not have conceived because it comes from the mind of the Almighty, whose thoughts are on an infinitely higher plane that ours. We can embrace the revelation and nurture it as we would a seed in our garden, or we can dismiss it—the choice is ours.

If we choose to embrace the insight of eternal truth, we are well advised to write down the verse (or phrase) which sparked the insight and the inspired thought (the Old Testament prophet says, “write the vision”). I have lost too many insights that were faith-builders simply because I didn’t record them. Later, as I searched the thousands of thoughts that passed through my mind during the day, I could not recall the revelation.

Secondly, we should ask Holy Spirit to teach us, to show us how the particular truth applies to us—He is, after all, the One Jesus sent to teach us everything we need to live life with authentic godliness. Under the mentorship of Holy Spirit our understanding expands, and as we diligently activate the new revelation in our day-to-day situations, our trust in God and our confidence in His Word grows. A seed of faith takes root.

In His discussion about our tendency to worry about daily provisions, Jesus says, “Make the Kingdom of God your priority and all your needs will be provided.” We can read that verse 100 times without it making any sense—it’s too simplistic and too far-fetched! But when Holy Spirit reveals the eternal truth embedded in that statement and we choose to embrace it with the gift of faith that accompanies the insight, our thinking shifts. As we explore the Kingdom of God under Holy Spirit’s tutelage, we begin to experience changes in our circumstances and our trust in God and our confidence in His Word grows. Faith, which begins as a seed, is growing within us.


Image courtesy of amenic181 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net