About Us

Les & Miriam Dahl


Our journey together began in August of 1969 in Prince Rupert, a small, isolated community nestled on the Pacific coast 500 miles north of Vancouver, B.C.  Young, just married, away from family and friends, we were off to follow our yellow brick road.  What an adventure!

Leslie’s initiation into the classroom was an ‘eye-opener’! (Read Thrown to the Wolves) In a school catering primarily to lower socio-economic families, Leslie met the kind of students that would become his trademark—those that other teachers didn’t want or couldn’t handle, students with emotional, behavioral and academic problems—with a few ‘normal’ students thrown into the mix.

Theories and methods learned at university were severely challenged by the realities of the actual classroom. One professor’s statement stuck in his gut: “The focus of the classroom is the child not the teacher; the objective is learning not teaching!”

Leslie grappled with the question, ‘How do you motivate children to want to, love to and actually learn? His quest led him through a colorful career in education—public, private, kindergarten through high school, special needs, juvenile delinquents, adults, home-school, in Canada, in Jamaica—to become a facilitator of learning (vs a ‘disseminator of knowledge’) and a learning disabilities specialist, trained to help students discover the ‘ability’ in their disability.

Miriam’s childhood allergies created health issues that became major concerns. The symptoms at times were gruesome and painful, haphazard diagnoses were wild guesses at best, while solutions remained elusive. Facing an inevitable dead end with conventional medicine, Miriam began a quest for answers in natural and spiritual alternatives.

Her challenge was, ‘What must I do to walk in health? In her life-long research and study, Miriam has acquired a profound understanding of the principles of health defined by a simple framework: cleanse…nourish…protect. She also learned that health is not simply a physical issue; it is connected to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Walking in health requires not only diet change, but even more importantly, lifestyle changes. Just as walking is achieved one step at a time, so too diet and lifestyle changes are successfully accomplished one small step at a time. The change is activated by choice: health is the result of healthy choices. 

The Dahls live in Laughlands, St. Ann, on the north coast of Jamaica.