Minimalism—Trendy Fad or Urgent Necessity?

  I’ve come across the word, as you probably have, more than a few times recently. Sounds kinda trendy—like a term someone in-the-know, up-to-date and on-the-cutting-edge would use. I like to be that ‘someone’, but I’ve learned from experience to check the meaning and appropriate context of a term before… Read moreMinimalism—Trendy Fad or Urgent Necessity?

Takers and Givers — 5 Simple Ways To Empower

    Two kinds of people will cross your path—takers and givers.   Takers want something from you. With little or no regard for you or your property—takers poach. It may be money, something you possess, or your time—takers leech.   Give them an inch, they take a yard. Whether… Read moreTakers and Givers — 5 Simple Ways To Empower

A Profitable Asset Too Few Invest

  Everyone has an unlimited supply of this asset. Investment opportunities abound. The R.O.I. is phenomenal.   What am I talking about? A smile!   It’s no joke. The numbers back up my claim. After evaluating 3,000 participants from 79 countries, Jessica Pryce-Jones and her team of researchers compiled the… Read moreA Profitable Asset Too Few Invest

The Marshmallow Test

  What does resisting the temptation to eat a marshmallow have to do with the ability to succeed? How important is it to teach our children self-control and the ability to delay gratification? Some 40 years ago, a psychologist devised an unusual test of self-control. Walter Mischel set a plate… Read moreThe Marshmallow Test

Be the Difference — Care

All of us want to make a difference. Our sense of worth is validated when we make a difference—in our family, at work, to our friends. The question is how? The starting point is to focus on being rather than making a difference. Making a difference is not so much… Read moreBe the Difference — Care

2016 — Things Must Change

  It is a common tradition as a new year begins to make New Year’s resolutions. According to Wiki-dictionary, these are “promises to do acts of self-improvement or something slightly nice beginning from New Years’s Day.” I am not making any New Year’s resolution this year, I am serving notice… Read more2016 — Things Must Change