Among Christians, Abraham is known for his unwavering faith. In Jewish tradition, however, Abraham is known for his culture of blessing. What is a culture of blessing and is it related to faith? God called Abraham to leave country, home and family to follow where He would lead on… Read moreTHE CULTURE OF BLESSING

Children – Our Legacy

  Shalom! As my wife Miriam and I contemplated having children, we grappled to formulate our strategy for raising them. In my experience as a professional educator, I saw how fragile and easily broken children are. Unfortunately, children come with neither an owner’s guide or an operator’s handbook! Several core… Read moreChildren – Our Legacy


  Gardeners use a seed-bed to germinate seeds. A seed-bed creates conditions that are ‘most conducive to a favorable outcome’, namely, bringing the seed into existence and healthy development. What would you consider is the seed-bed used by Father, the Master Gardener, to sprout seeds of faith? Surprisingly, the opposite… Read moreTHE SEED-BED OF FAITH

My son, My daughter, (5)

OUT OF CHAOS   My son, My daughter, In the beginning, I looked and all I could see was a vast empty space of nothingness. The earth was without form and void—an utterly shapeless, barren mass—and a pall of darkness hung like a death-shroud over the primordial waters. I am… Read moreMy son, My daughter, (5)