The Marshmallow Test

  What does resisting the temptation to eat a marshmallow have to do with the ability to succeed? How important is it to teach our children self-control and the ability to delay gratification? Some 40 years ago, a psychologist devised an unusual test of self-control. Walter Mischel set a plate… Read moreThe Marshmallow Test

2016 — Things Must Change

  It is a common tradition as a new year begins to make New Year’s resolutions. According to Wiki-dictionary, these are “promises to do acts of self-improvement or something slightly nice beginning from New Years’s Day.” I am not making any New Year’s resolution this year, I am serving notice… Read more2016 — Things Must Change

7 Morning Rituals That Set Us on Track for a Great Day

  Rituals. We think we can do without them but quite the opposite is true. Athletes create rituals to prepare physically and mentally for top performance. The right morning rituals set us on track for a great day, empowered to handle pressure and stress. Why are rituals important? We are… Read more7 Morning Rituals That Set Us on Track for a Great Day

5 Lessons to Create a Successful Day

  Usain Bolt has revolutionized athletics. He is personable, entertaining, and he gets the job done with record-breaking performances. Track fans love him. Promoters bank on him. Usain’s 9.58-second record at the 2009 Olympics in Berlin was no fluke. It was the result of hard work and disciplined training. It… Read more5 Lessons to Create a Successful Day


  Our fast-paced life demands that we go, go, go to keep up. Pressures at work and hassles at home push us to the edge. We feel like the little hamster in a cage running to exhaustion on his treadmill going no-where fast. At the genesis of the universe, the… Read moreHOW TO ESCAPE THE ‘CAGED-HAMSTER-ON-A-TREADMILL’ SYNDROME


  Great sprinters like Usain Bolt spend hours in training perfecting their starts. They know that a good start propels them into position for a winning finish. A good start to your day empowers you to perform well and finish strong. Let me ask what may seem a silly question:… Read moreHOW STRESS ROBS YOUR EVENING