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Welcome to Bedrock Life Strategies.

Most of us equate ‘peace’ with ‘the absence of conflict’.  But that kind of peace is elusive and temporary.  As long as we have to interact with people and navigate through circumstances, we will encounter conflict.  Such is the nature of life–there is no easy ticket!

The Hebrew word ‘shalom’ means peace, but it encompasses the ideas of safety, happiness, prosperity, favor, good health, and rest. This is anticipated in the midst of conflict rather than in the absence of conflict.

The focus and passion of Bedrock Life Strategies is Shalom!

“Up from the pit of destruction
Out of the miry bog
My feet firmly planted on bedrock
My steps ahead made secure
A new song in my mouth
A song of gratitude to Adonai”

(Psalm 40  -by David, poet-king)


Leslie & Miriam Dahl

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