Great Expectations and Exploding Faith



This year, 2015, will be either a good year or a bad year. We have little control over the circumstances ahead, whether good or bad, but we do determine how we will manage the circumstances. The deciding factor is our expectation. If we expect the worst, we will be suspicious of anything or anyone that potentially might be the bearer of good, or we will altogether miss a blessing simply because we are not expecting it! I have determined this year will be a year of great expectations.

As I see it, I need to give diligent attention to two things for great expectations to become reality. First, I need to clarify my expectations; second, I need to explode my faith. Both, my expectations and my faith, are defined by the present Word (the Greek word is rhema), i.e. a specific application of eternal truth for a particular situation, and the written Word (logos in Greek), the eternal promises and declarations recorded in the Bible.

The rhema may come through a pronouncement of a prophet, or by an inspired statement of a friend. (Can you see how important it is that our words are encouraging, uplifting and empowering? Ours may be the very rhema that catapults the listener to a new level of expectation and faith!)

My ear is keenly tuned this year to hear the rhema transmitted in conversations around me and by the still, small voice within. My mind is keenly alert to the eternal truth embedded in the written Word as I read my Bible this year so as to absorb all the promises and declarations that undergird my expectations and faith.

My forward movement will be hotly contested. Like a deadly python, conformity will attempt to wrap me in a strangle-hold to prevent me from rising above the commonplace. The Apostle Paul warns the Roman Christians, ‘Don’t let yourselves be conformed to this world; don’t let it dictate who you are, where you are going and what you are capable of.’ (Romans 12:2 paraphrased) Too often have I succumbed to the comfort of the mediocre.

But by the mercies of God, I make a decisive dedication of myself at the altar of worship to live devoted and set apart for my Father, my King. I arm myself to war for great expectations and exploding faith, knowing that the Captain of Heaven’s Army is with me and that the battle is the Lord’s!