Hidden Treasures


Blessings are all around us every day.


Sometimes the blessing comes in the form

     of a beautiful dawn with the golden rays of sun

     glistening on the silvery drops of dew, click

     the subtle fragrance of nature wafted

     on a gentle morning breeze.

The promise of life is affirmed–

     In the midst of the stress and struggle

     there still are moments of breath-taking beauty.


Sometimes the blessing comes in the form

     of a cheerful smile and

     uplifting word of encouragement

     or of compliment.

The kindness of life is affirmed–

     In the barrage of grumbling and complaining

     there still are bright faces and warm hearts.


Sometimes the blessing comes in the form

     of finding just what you are shopping for

     on sale 

     for an unexpected discount.

The goodness of life is affirmed–

     In the vexation of trying to stretch a fragile budget

     to make ends meet from payday to payday

     there still are pleasant surprises on our path.


Too often we miss our blessings because we are either

     out of position, nurse  

     out of step, order  

     out of focus,

          or all three!


Blessings are like hidden treasures—

     and they are all around us.


Unless we are 

     fully present, 

     fully engaged, and 

     fully expectant,

we miss the blessing of the moment–

we miss the affirmation of life

     prepared specially for us

     by our loving Heavenly Father

          just because He loves us.

The blessing of the Lord makes us rich

and there is no sorrow with it. (Proverbs 10.22)



Les Dahl

Image courtesy of scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net