HOME SCHOOL: Why Bother?

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Why is home-school a growing trend gaining momentum every year?

The blood, sweat and tears involved in home-schooling begs the question:

why bother?

It is much easier to just send the kids to public school.

Let the system deal with the bother.

Is all the time, effort and sacrifice really worth it?


We home-schooled our four children in Jamaica, where they grew up.

Very few of the amenities and opportunities of first-world countries was available,

yet each of our children more than ‘survived’ their home-school experience;

each has gone on to become a successful adult

contributing positively to their community.

All have very fond memories of their years in Jamaica

and of their adventurous home-school journey.


HOME SCHOOL: Why Bother? explores a pro-active approach 

to home-school (and parenting).

As with anything else, a positive attitude puts a different light on everything.

The burden is lighter, the journey is brighter, and the results are more rewarding.


Either the Almighty thought Miriam and I had done very well with home-school,

or He thought we needed more practice.

We now home-school two of our grandchildren

who, with their mother, live with us in Jamaica.

Everything proposed in my book is duly ‘child-tested’ on our grandchildren!


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