Is Coffee Healthy or Harmful?



Caffeine affects perception, emotion, mental activity, mood and behavior. There is no question about that. The issue is— is it healthy or harmful?

Caffeine, in the form of coffee, tea and cola soft drinks, is one of the most traded commodities in the world. Coffee is outranked only by oil in value of exports by developing countries. More than 75 million people depend on coffee for all or most of their livelihood.

That’s interesting, but why are coffee and other caffeine beverages so popular? Are the reputed benefits back by science or is it just marketing hype?

Actually, researchers have conducted numerous studies and come up with some interesting results.

  • caffeine increases alertness and improves performance of various tasks including those that require sustained response and focus
  • caffeine releases norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter and hormone that stimulates emotional and cognitive centers of the brain and produces a sense of well-being
  • low levels of norepinephrine can result in depression, low energy, memory problems and loss of interest in everyday activities
  • high levels of norepinephrine can result in anxiety, restlessness, irritability, muscle tension, jumpiness and increased heartbeat
  • dopamine, another neurotransmitter released by caffeine, produces as sense of pleasure and helps improve working memory, focus and attention
  • low levels of dopamine can contribute to ADD (attention deficit disorder), social anxiety, withdrawal and apathy
  • caffeine improves physical endurance and affects the perception of fatigue—i.e. you may be exhausted but after a cup of coffee (or tea) you feel you can keep on going
  • caffeine affects mood by helping you to calm down, relax and feel rejuvenated
  • tea produces similar positive effects despite lower caffeine levels but is less likely to disrupt sleep
  • caffeine does not produce dehydration as is thought
  • even though this may be true, we recommend drinking 6-8 cups of water daily—the health benefits of this habit are substantial 


There you have it.

Coffee lovers, tea drinkers—science supports your pleasurable habit.

Enjoy your cuppa…

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