Burning Candle by nuchylee



My son, My daughter,

Have you taken note of how much of the Christmas story transpires at night, amidst the shroud of darkness?

My angelic choir announced the glorious news of My Son’s birth to shepherds keeping their flocks ‘by night’. In Bethlehem they found the Baby lying in a manger, ‘because there was no room in the inn’—all the rooms were already booked for the night! And the wise men? They followed the star from its rising in the eastern sky to Bethlehem, traveling by night when the stars are clearly visible.

The message of Christmas is: LET THERE BE LIGHT! As darkness, in all its forms, covers the earth, LET THE LIGHT BE BORN!

Christmas celebrates the birth of My Son, Yeshua, Jesus, a tiny candle that shatters the darkness for all time and eternity. In Him glowed the ember of Life, and as the breath of My Spirit blew upon Him, one small candle became a blazing Light for everyman.

Darkness could not overpower nor put out the Light of Life. Even death and hell could not extinguish My living, breathing Light, a light that thrives in the depths of darkness and blazes through murky bottoms. It cannot and will not be quenched!

When YOU came to the Light, My son, My daughter, as YOU yielded to the Living Flame, My Spirit ignited the candle in YOU. YOU now are My Light, My Living Flame! In all the dark places, whether they be at work, at home, in your community or within your soul, YOU are My Light. Wherever you go, YOUR presence announces “peace and goodwill”, and every place experiences Life because YOU are there.

No matter how great the darkness in a room, one small candle breaks its power! It is not the candle that pushes back the darkness, it is the light! The candle simply surrenders to the flame from which the light emanates.

YOU are the Christmas message today. Surrender to the Living Flame of My Spirit: let My Light emanate from YOU.

Darkness surrounds you—let your light shine!

Your loving Father,

(based on John 1:4-5 AMP, VOICE)

Image courtesy of nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net