Momentum vs Inertia

Let me hit you with some physics.


The first law of motion states:

A body in motion tends to remain in motion;

a stationary body tends to stay stationary.


How does this apply to school?


First, some groundwork . . .

     (1) List exactly what you want out of school

     (2) List everything you need to do to get what you want

     (3) List exactly how will you do what you need to do

     (4) Formulate a strategy . . . a plan of action.


Now . . . TAKE ACTION.

  • Start with #1 on your list and . . . just do it!



  • You started the ball rolling . . .


You’ve activated the first law of physics:

  • once the ball is rolling, it keeps rolling

              & rolling & rolling along its path toward your goals.


Now . . .


    If you didn’t do the groundwork above

  • you didn’t write down exactly what you want

  • you didn’t list everything you need to do

  • you didn’t determine a plan of action

  • you didn’t take action . . .




The first law of motion still caught you!!!

     . . . the second half states:

  • a stationary (unmoved) body (that’s you!)

             remains stationary (stuck in the same place).


It’s called inertia.


The state of inertia is very comfortable . . .

     it requires no effort . . . no commitment . . .

          no goals . . . no plans . . .



The only problem is . . .

     in the state of  inertia

     you get absolutely no-where!

      . . . not even in circles!


You really do not want your year at school spent

     in a state of inertia . . .

          —that’s just another form of hell.


So . . .

     shift into motion!


Here’s your physics assignment:


    1. Decide exactly what you want to get

          out of each of your subjects

  • what scores to you want

               on your essays, reports, quizzes, tests & exams

  • what can you learn in each course

               to improve your knowledge base & your intelligence


2. Formulate a strategy to achieve your goals

  • devise a workable study / homework schedule

                   workable:  don’t kill yourself

                        with an overdose of homework . . .

                    but don’t short-change yourself either

                         –‘no pain no gain!


3. Take massive action . . .

  • don’t just dip in your toe to test the water . . .

              jump into the deep end & swim!


As you start the ball rolling, another law of physics kicks in

  • the law of momentum states:

                it may take a lot of energy to starta body in motion,

                but then it takes much less energy to keep it moving


The hardest part is to start . . .

     but once you’ve initiated motion . . .

          momentum will carry you through!



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