My Shepherd, My Friend

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O Yahweh, my Shepherd, my Keeper, my Companion, my Friend...

Under Your loving, watchful care,

I cannot fail nor do I lack of any good thing.

Your gentle but firm Hand brings me to repose,

And as I feed on the tender green shoots springing up in Your pastures —

the affirming, invigorating promises in Your Word —

my anxieties are relieved;

Your shalom settles my heart and my mind.

The tender nudge of Your Spirit carries me

to the peaceful, healing streams

that flow from the watersprings of Heaven;

my soul is restored —

made like new again by the breath of Your Spirit

by which Adam became a living soul...

I am alive...

I am confident...

I am able...

I am ready...

Lead me on, my Shepherd, my Friend.

Amen — so be it — so it is...

(Psalm 23:1-3)

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