My Son, My Daughter (3)

Sunset:Sunrise by Arvind Balaraman


My son, my daughter,

Before I spoke the Universe into existence, I chose YOU. I imagined what the world would be like because YOU are alive. I scanned the vast expanse of time, saw how history would unfold, and then determined the exact time, place and circumstances into which you should be born, in which YOU would shine your brightest. YOU are not a mistake, nor do you exist by chance. YOU are my bearer of light, hope, love and grace.

I chose to adopt YOU, my son, my daughter, as my own. You are engrafted into the same root from which my only begotten Son, Jesus, was born. Shake off that orphan spirit, those feelings of alienation and loneliness that encroach upon your soul in your moments of darkness and despair. YOU are family, MY family; I love YOU!

I chose YOU to be “holy and blameless”, set apart to perfectly demonstrate My love in your sphere of influence. Your success in this assignment is not in any way limited by your character flaws, quirks of personality, nor human foibles. The Blood of the Lamb, Jesus, covers all your weaknesses. Nor is it defined by your ability or your strength. The task is accomplished by My Spirit. In fact, My strength is demonstrated most perfectly when yours is exhausted.

You don’t need to be perfect; I chose YOU to show those who know you the power of My transforming love and grace. You are redeemed from the deadly clutches of sin. The Blood of the Lamb paid your ransom in full! You are free now to be all I have planned for you to be. Day by day you are transformed as My Word comes alive in you, as My love dispels the hidden fears in your heart, and as My grace empowers you to walk into your future one step at a time.

Just rest in the awesome Presence of My Holy Spirit which I bestowed on you the moment you surrendered to My Love. He is My guarantee that the salvation you embraced by faith is real. He will see to it that every promise documented in My Covenant is fully activated and accomplished completely in YOU. All you need to do is surrender to My Love and trust Me as I guide you on your journey.

As we walk together, you will be amazed how you resemble your Father more and more with each passing day.

Your loving Father,


(Ephesians 1:3-14 paraphrased)


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