My son, My daughter, (4)

Red Barn In The Morning by CNaene


My son, My daughter,

There is but one moment between your past and your future—the PRESENT! It is a moment of decision; your choice shapes your future.

Let go of your past, it does not define your destiny. Get up, press into the amazing future I have prepared for you. The ‘good old days’ will pale in the light of ‘the best that is ahead’.

Every promise in My Word on which you firmly plant your feet unlocks a part of your future. Stand ready to fight for its fulfillment come hell or high water.

Every new idea, new skill, new venture, new relationship you pursue as you explore your future, is yours for the taking. These may fail despite your best effort, but YOU will not fail. Each blow makes you stronger, even though it does not seem so at the time. Don’t be obsessed with the need to understand everything that happens to you—trust Me. Some things are known by My Spirit alone.

You will need to be strong and very courageous. There are many rivers to cross—natural obstacles that stand in your way to test your mettle. You will have to fight for every inch of territory you wish to occupy. Walled strongholds, fortified and seemingly impenetrable, threaten your forward progress. And yes, there are giants in the Land bent on turning you back by intimidation and scorn. Keep your focus on Me. I will guide you through every river, I will give you the strategy that crumbles every impregnable wall, and I will put in your hand the smooth stone that fells every son of Goliath who dares defy you. The fight is yours but the battle is mine. Together we are invincible!

The Promised Land lies before you, but before you can posses it, you will need to conquer the land WITHIN you—your mind, emotions, desires, limiting beliefs, and will. That battle boils down to two questions: (1) who am I? and (2) who are you? It is a matter of perception and identity: (1) how big is your God? (2) who do you see yourself to be?

Victory in your internal conquest is derived from the Book. Be intentional as My Spirit instructs you. Allow My Word to transform your thoughts, liberate your emotions, refine your desires, and up-root your limiting beliefs. Ruminate on it. Let My Word become absorbed into every fiber of your being—spirit, soul and body—and you will most surely enjoy success as you lay hold of your future and prosper in your Land of Promise.

Be valiant! Yours is the heart of a lion! I am with you! We are in this together!

Your loving Father,


(Joshua 1:1-9 paraphrased)