My son, My daughter, (5)




My son, My daughter,

In the beginning, I looked and all I could see was a vast empty space of nothingness. The earth was without form and void—an utterly shapeless, barren mass—and a pall of darkness hung like a death-shroud over the primordial waters.

I am a creator, The Creator; it is not within My nature to endure the absence of Light and Life. So I resolved to change the depressive gloom confronting Me.

I did not struggle to overpower the darkness with the power of My will, nor did I curse the gloom to negate it. I simply released the sound of My Voice and spoke, “Let there be light!” The power of My Word shook the circumstances before Me causing a shift to the very foundations.

And there was light…

No shape…no form…no sun, moon or stars…no land, seas, plants or animals…only light…nothing more. A simple, small step forward toward the dream in My heart, but a profound beginning of the creative process!

I took no notice of what wasn’t there. I reveled in the Light which appeared as I uttered the Word into the dismal atmosphere. “It is good!” I declared as I watched Light roll back the darkness that smothered the glory of the still to be created Universe.

Step by step and day by day, the sound of My Voice gathered strength and momentum. The creative power of the Word spoken from My mouth sent ever-expanding horizons rippling across the Universe, filling Outer Space and Earth Space with Sound and Form and Life. My heart swelled as I watched the Movement and heard the Music and felt the Love. “It is good!” I declared as I basked in the beauty and joy of My unfolding dream.

Never once did I say the result was perfect—it didn’t have to be perfect to be good. But I never stopped at good when better lay just ahead and the best was yet to come. Each phase of the creative process became a stepping stone for the greater glory of the next. And the process never ends, nor the exhilarating joy.

The crowning glory of My work was to create YOU, My son, My daughter, in My image and My likeness. Like Me, YOU are a creator. YOU thrive on looking chaos in the face, releasing the sound of YOUR voice into the gloom of your circumstances, and watching the power of YOUR word roll back the darkness to make room for Life and Love and Music and Movement.

Shift your attention from the hopelessness of your circumstances; seed the Word. Keep declaring good as you creatively pursue the better that lies inherent in your next step, your next day, knowing your best is just ahead. I AM with you.


Your loving Father,


(Genesis 1 paraphrased)

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