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Conflict arises as we interact with people.

Challenges emerge in every circumstance.

Such is the nature of life–there is no easy ticket!

Shalom is refuge in the midst of conflict

     not the absence of conflict.

Shalom is creating peace, health and prosperity

     in the midst of circumstance.

Minimalism is a journey from chaos to shalom

     guided by two simple questions:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Does this add value to my life?

A minimalist determines what is really important,

     removes what is not necessary (the clutter)

     to give place to only that which adds value

     to the true essence of life.

Bedrock Life Strategies are insights learned

     through real-life experience.

Small steps form a habit. Habits create a lifestyle.

Shalom is a lifestyle of peace, health and prosperity.



HOME SCHOOL- Why Bother? (Cover) “If, by the hammer and chisel of home schooling we create purposeful youth of courage, passion, decision and action, we successfully fulfill our commission.”