Encouraging Our Children to Read


As a kid, I loved books. Hardly a day went by without a visit to the school library.

Then, to my delight, I discovered the library in our church. I could borrow books on Sundays, too!

Milking time on the farm was intense. Contented cows produced the best milk. That meant feed them on time…and take the mechanical milking machine off the cow when its milk is done!

I can’t count the number of times my dad caught me hiding behind some bales of hay reading a book. Yes, I fed the cows. Oops! I forgot to change the milker…again!

I know some of you could tell similar stories.

How do we nurture that kind of love for books and reading in kids today. Technology has changed the playing field.

Amazon, through Kindle eBooks, is using technology to capture our tech-savvy kids with an interesting reading format. Perhaps we do well to take advantage of the new, somewhat-more-level playing field.

Personally, I still prefer to hold the actual book in my hand and see my grandchildren’s noses in real books. However, I won’t deny them the fun of reading on a tablet.

I’ve discovered I can use both formats. The real secret is not the format.

The most effective way to encourage our children to read books and enjoy reading is the personal touch—read aloud to them, listen to them read aloud to you and tell them lots of stories.

My ‘scientific observation‘ gives ample evidence that the more I engage them with the personal touch the more they love to read.

Proof positive: I see them on their own trying to read a book or looking at the pictures…often!


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