Stumbled upon DREAM BIG an eBook written by Mike Francen. The humble pdf format belies the nuggets of inspiration, motivation and wisdom within. I share the following as a ‘Sunday Meditation’.

Don’t tell me ‘the sky is the limit’ when there are footprints on the moon!

If you are not working towards building your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.

We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.”

People may ‘write you off’, but you are NOT required to read what they have penned! You have the opportunity to proclaim your future; to write your eulogy. Make it epic!

YOU alone determine the outcome and finality of your life! Hell might defy it, heaven might embrace it, but in reality the final out­come is determined by YOU.

‘Status quo’ is for those who embrace the mundane and the uninspiring as their lot in life.

You are hostage in the place you currently reside — until you decide where you are going to be. Don’t let the pain of your past poison your future.

Don’t just ‘face your fears’ — DEFY THEM!

Never settle for meager, when God meant for your life to be magnificent. Paltry is not your lot in life; powerful and significant is the Divine order. The Almighty has His sights set on grandeur for you, orchestrated by His love, perpetrated by His Word.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. Rejection is not terminal; it is merely someone else’s opinion. Man has opinions, but God has plans. If you are not dead; God is not done!

Some say, “You have to let God out of the box!” But I say, “GOD WAS NEVER IN YOUR BOX!!!”

I refuse to shop for a canoe when God tells me to build an ark!

It’s time to dream again. Never too dead for a resurrection … ask Lazarus!

Don’t believe the tombstone. You are more than a dash between two dates. That dash will never tell the tale that your life has unveiled.

Vision without passion will go to the grave as merely a ‘good idea’.

We must quit being busy and start being productive!”

When I stand before the Almighty to give account of the stewardship of my life, will I hear ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant’ or will He gaze at this soul and say: ‘Well…’ ?

People say: ‘take care’. I say: ‘take charge’! Dream big enough for God to fit into your dreams…”

The bad news – time flies! The good news – YOU are the pilot!


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