Is Coffee Healthy or Harmful?

  Caffeine affects perception, emotion, mental activity, mood and behavior. There is no question about that. The issue is— is it healthy or harmful? Caffeine, in the form of coffee, tea and cola soft drinks, is one of the most traded commodities in the world. Coffee is outranked only by… Read moreIs Coffee Healthy or Harmful?


  What do YOU do with the empty spaces in your life? The less-than-satisfying relationships, unfulfilled dreams, disappointments, lost hope, despair. Left empty, these spaces create a quagmire of alienation and depression. Filled with the wrong “stuff”, they become the seedbed of frustration, stress and various forms of self-destruction.   … Read moreHOW DO YOU FILL THE EMPTY SPACES?

My son, My daughter, (5)

OUT OF CHAOS   My son, My daughter, In the beginning, I looked and all I could see was a vast empty space of nothingness. The earth was without form and void—an utterly shapeless, barren mass—and a pall of darkness hung like a death-shroud over the primordial waters. I am… Read moreMy son, My daughter, (5)