“Resist fear…I am your shield…your reward shall be beyond your expectation…” Genesis 15:1 (paraphrased) An alliance of four kings rebelled against an oppressive confederation of five kings. They sacked their cities, gathered the loot and headed home with the prisoners. Abram’s nephew Lot was among them.  Abram mustered his… Read moreSHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL

3 Actions That Turbo-Charge Your Life

  F-E-A-R has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘Face Everything And Rise.’ The choice is yours.” Zig Ziglar   The desire to be powerful—to overcome fear—is embedded deep in the human soul. Made in our Creator’s image, we are gifted with power—the capacity to responsibly manage the earth… Read more3 Actions That Turbo-Charge Your Life


    Stumbled upon DREAM BIG an eBook written by Mike Francen. The humble pdf format belies the nuggets of inspiration, motivation and wisdom within. I share the following as a ‘Sunday Meditation’. “Don’t tell me ‘the sky is the limit’ when there are footprints on the moon!” “If you… Read moreSUNDAY MEDITATION

My son, my daughter (2)

  My son, my daughter, How do I love you? Let me tell the ways. My love is steadfast; it never ceases, Day by day new mercies it releases— Unfailing compassion, forgiveness and grace. My love is perfect; it casts out all fear Of judgment and shame—my Son bore it… Read moreMy son, my daughter (2)