5 Things We Can Teach Our Children About Christmas

  It is easy to be knocked off balance and lose focus at Christmas. It is, after all, the busiest and most stressful season of the year. Even more so for our children. Egged on by seemingly harmless questions, “What do you want for Christmas?” or “What do you want… Read more5 Things We Can Teach Our Children About Christmas


  Our fast-paced life demands that we go, go, go to keep up. Pressures at work and hassles at home push us to the edge. We feel like the little hamster in a cage running to exhaustion on his treadmill going no-where fast. At the genesis of the universe, the… Read moreHOW TO ESCAPE THE ‘CAGED-HAMSTER-ON-A-TREADMILL’ SYNDROME

BLUEPRINT FOR SHALOM (Peace, Health and Prosperity)

  Life is not without struggle and we are easily burdened with its pressures. Often we have more than enough on our plate on a daily basis and we are weary from the load we carry. It is precisely to us in our battle-worn condition that Yeshua (Jesus) extends the… Read moreBLUEPRINT FOR SHALOM (Peace, Health and Prosperity)


Before we awake each morning, our day is already set. The day unfolds like a steeplechase course with hazards and barriers. Circumstances test our wit and our grit. People cross our path. Some encourage or assist and propel us forward in the race. Others impede our progress with distraction or… Read more5 STEPS TO MAKE PEACE WITH YOUR LIFE


  ‘SHALOM!’ As we interact with people and navigate through circumstances, we will encounter conflict. Such is the nature of life–there is no easy ticket! In the chaos of our day, we long for the absence of conflict, but such peace is momentary and fleeting. Savor fleeting moments of brief… Read moreSUNDAY MEDITATION

My son, my daughter (2)

  My son, my daughter, How do I love you? Let me tell the ways. My love is steadfast; it never ceases, Day by day new mercies it releases— Unfailing compassion, forgiveness and grace. My love is perfect; it casts out all fear Of judgment and shame—my Son bore it… Read moreMy son, my daughter (2)