“Resist fear…I am your shield…your reward shall be beyond your expectation…” Genesis 15:1 (paraphrased) An alliance of four kings rebelled against an oppressive confederation of five kings. They sacked their cities, gathered the loot and headed home with the prisoners. Abram’s nephew Lot was among them.  Abram mustered his… Read moreSHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL

7 Morning Rituals That Set Us on Track for a Great Day

  Rituals. We think we can do without them but quite the opposite is true. Athletes create rituals to prepare physically and mentally for top performance. The right morning rituals set us on track for a great day, empowered to handle pressure and stress. Why are rituals important? We are… Read more7 Morning Rituals That Set Us on Track for a Great Day


Nothing empowers faith like answered prayer. Conversely, nothing erodes faith like hope deferred—when you’ve prayed and prayed but just can’t get a breakthrough. I’ve been in both places. We are finally experiencing breakthroughs. They come after a very long, dry season in which the heavens seemed like impenetrable brass. Several… Read moreS.M.A.R.T. PRAYING

Wishful Thinking or Faith?

  What is the difference between faith and wishful thinking? The dictionary defines faith as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something”. Wishful thinking is “feeling or expressing strong desire or hope for something not easily attainable”. The difference? Complete trust and confidence vs feeling and strong desire. But,… Read moreWishful Thinking or Faith?