Takers and Givers — 5 Simple Ways To Empower


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Two kinds of people will cross your path—takers and givers.


Takers want something from you.

With little or no regard for you or your property—takers poach.

It may be money, something you possess, or your time—takers leech.


Give them an inch, they take a yard.

Whether material, intellectual, emotional, your energy or your labor—they sponge.


Takers are annoying, burdensome.

You can’t avoid them. 

These pirates are everywhere.

And in the end they sap the life out of your soul.


Givers are a different breed altogether.

Givers are busy, productive—movers and shakers.


But they are not always visible.

Many givers fly under the radar and are happy to do so.

Givers want nothing from you except to see you succeed.


They are fully engaged in their own business,

     yet intuitively aware of others’ needs.


They passionately pursue their own success and prosperity,

     yet always have time to empower others to achieve theirs.


They readily give a listening ear, a helping hand, and a shoulder to lean on.


How do they do it?


Givers give in little ways, until giving is a habit.

Givers persist until giving becomes their nature.


Givers would have it no other way—giving is their lifestyle.

Givers simply love to give.


5 Simple Ways To Give That Empower People


1. Give worth


Address people by their name.

When you speak to people by name, you send a message

   that resonates deep in their psyche.

You are not a faceless, generic, taken-for-granted human robot.

You are a name-brand individual with personality and significance.

I acknowledge the name that identifies who you are.”

Who is not empowered by such an affirmation.


Affirm human worth by using each person’s name correctly.



2. Give dignity


Learn to compliment people sincerely and for no personal gain.

Compliment appearance—everyone wants to look good.

Compliment performance—everyone wants to be recognized for their effort.


Affirm self-respect by complimenting appearance and performance.



3. Give confidence


Like a tree, everyone has roots and branches.

Show genuinely interest in who they are and in their family (i.e. roots).

Show unfeigned enthusiasm for what they do and for their passions and dreams (i.e. branches).

When people reflect on their personal journey and the future they hope for, they gain confidence to keep pressing on.


Affirm strength by acknowledging past successes and future possibilities.



4. Give motivation


People enjoy talking about themselves.

Ask questions they will enjoy answering.

Pay attention to details.

Be sympathetic to their ideas and passions without judgement.

Recalling their story to a willing listener inevitably inspires the teller to greater achievements.


Affirm aspirations and inspire greater achievements by engaged listening.



5. Give purpose


Assign tasks, require responsibility and demand accountability.

The power of delegation is that it feeds the deep human desire to feel important and to do something purposeful and significant.

This is facilitated by establishing clarity:

  • easily understood instructions
  • clear, achievable expectations
  • precise, reasonable time frame

Everyone desires a high regard for themselves.

Challenging tasks with distinct parameters appeal to the nobler motives of human nature.


Affirm the sense of significance by assigning purposeful work.



We are familiar with the adage,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

I say,

“Affirm a man’s worth, dignity, confidence, motivation and purpose, and you have empowered him for life.” 




Question: How will you give to empower someone today?