The Power of the Point

Remember the ‘spiritual orientation point’ I asked you to anchor into your heart?

Those three meditations…

You are reading them aloud first thing every morning, aren’t you?


Let me show you how important they are.


Jesus taught that whatever is lodged firmly in your heart determines the thoughts, emotions and actions you express.

He said that if your heart is filled with darkness—and He hinted at various shades & forms of darkness—

your thoughts will be negative, your emotions will be unforgiving, and your actions will be destructive.


Every day you are bombarded with a deluge of images and sounds.

These come at you from TV, radio, and Internet.

They come at you by advertising and by text messages.

They target your eyes. They target your ears.

Video clips and sound bytes continuously swirl in the atmosphere around you

like a tornado—designed to capture you & hold you prisoner!


Oh, and don’t forget all the stuff that comes at you from teachers, peers & parents.

“Do this…do that…how could you…what were you thinking…come on…what’s with you…that was stupid…you look like a….”

On and on and on…


Your first line of defense is your ‘conscious mind’.

You try your best to process the sights & sounds.

You carefully filter out what you don’t want & retain what you like.

You’re the master! You’re in control! You’re safe! Or so you think…


Here’s the harsh reality…at best, you are processing 20% of the assault of image & sound pounding at you.

The rest, 80% of what’s coming at you every moment of every day, invades your ‘sub-conscious mind’

like undetected stealth fighters in the Luftwaffe, dropping deadly bombs

with high-tech delay-action detonators set to explode at your most vulnerable moment!

While these sound & image bombs are smoldering in your sub-conscious mind,

they are hatching emotions & beliefs that are either positive (propelling you forward)

or negative (dragging you back & down).


Most often you are not even aware of these emotions or beliefs developing.

But they can reach up to strangle you

like the tentacles of a giant octopus.


Let me show you how it works.


You sit down to do your homework.

You feel okay.

You figure you’ll get your assignments done quickly

& move on to something you really enjoy doing—

like watching TV, or playing a video game, or txtng ur frnz.


As you open your book, you remember something that happened in class.

The teacher caught you reading a note someone passed to you.

You got in trouble for something you didn’t do.

Nothing you said could convince the teacher it wasn’t you.

And your classmate who actually passed you the note just sat there and snickered!

Suddenly your mood darkens.

Anger rises from your belly,

your mind churns with plots of revenge.

You think, feel & believe you are worthless.

Your life sucks!

What’s the use!


You are spinning out of control…

falling helplessly into the Black Hole.


Where did that come from?


Just a minute ago you were ready to do your homework & enjoy a nice evening chilling.

Now you are sullen.

You can’t do your homework no matter how you try.

You just want to hurt someone—

even if it is yourself!


One of those high-tech-delayed-action Scud missiles 

hidden in your sub-conscious mind 

just detonated! 

When you least expected! 



Depending on how often these detonations have occurred before,

determines how much you can control the damage.

The more explosions, the less possibility for damage control.


Without a ‘spiritual orientation point‘ your recovery from the effects of such an eruption is uncertain.

And you most surely have no ‘defense shield’ to protect yourself

from this invasion of this destructive armament into your sub-conscious mind.


Using your ‘spiritual orientation point‘, however,

you can get out of your funk,

back on track &

into your positive frame of mind.


Here’s what you do:

  1. Begin reading aloud the three meditations.

    -Read slowly & thoughtfully

    -.Allow the sound & the rhythm of the words penetrate the darkness of your mood.

         -Let the meaning of the words permeate your conscious mind.
  1. Imagine yourself in the Presence of the Sovereign King of the Universe.
         -Imagine what it would feel like if you were in the Throne Room of Heaven,
              standing in the King’s Presence, surrounded by His entourage of angels.
         -Absorb the awesome feeling of that possibility.
  1. Now, stand, sit or kneel quiet listen.

       –Don’t rush through this step.

         -Just stop, get real still, & listen.


If you don’t hear anything, don’t fret.

There is a lot going on inside your heart at this moment that you don’t realize just yet.

Simply trust the God of your salvation.


If you are authentic & sincere when you voice these meditations,

the Sovereign King of the Universe hears & responds.

You will see it, you will feel it, you will know it!


One last thought to consider:

if you continue to declare these meditations first thing every morning,

you create an ‘anti-missile defense shield’ 

that detects & intercepts the bombs before they land!


That’s the power of the point!

Activate it!



The Sage