Violin by amenic181,

The Universe and everything in it was created by sound. We are told in Genesis 1 that the Creator spoke, and everything from light to humankind came into existence. As the sound left the Creator’s mouth, it became embedded in that which was created to be released in turn as joyful praise.

The Almighty told Job how the stars sang and the angels shouted for joy as they watched His Creation-song unfold. (Job 38:7) Bible commentators tell us to interpret those expressions figuratively, but with their advanced instruments scientists have actually recorded the songs of the stars. Some years ago, National Geographic magazine included such a recording on vinyl with the issue that featured an article on stars. Interestingly, the point was made and demonstrated that each star had its unique song. Fascinating to hear!

Jesus remonstrated the scowling Pharisees who ordered Him to quiet the jubilant children at His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” (Luke 19:40) Jesus was not speaking figuratively; even the stones have their sound. (Also verified by scientists’ instruments.)

And so, “In the beginning…” a symphony began that continues to play even today—the ‘original’ Unfinished Symphony! (Don’t buy the idea that God created the universe and then left it to spin itself out in self-destruct mode. He is still very much the Creator speaking and singing new masterpieces into existence, all the while conducting His grand symphony of harmonious sound!)

The unique sound embedded in each of us has similar creative power as the original sound the Creator released as He spoke. We can release positive sounds which complement the sweet music of the Universe, or we can release sour notes that create dissonance in the atmosphere around us.

Positive and empowering sound—the words we speak—create harmony in our atmosphere that allows faith and blessing to flow.

The Psalmist wrote, “The heavens trumpet the glory of God and all of earth responds on cue in an on-going symphony of praise, the musical score clearly written in the law of the Lord.” (Psalm 19 paraphrased) He ends the psalm by declaring, “May the sound from my lips be authentic from my heart in tune with Your symphony of the Universe, O Lord, the source of my song.”

What sound are you releasing into your atmosphere? Is it in tune with the symphony of the Universe? Is yours a song of faith and blessing that empowers all who hear? Is your melody so full of passion and life that all who hear are inspired to join in harmony?


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