What’s Ahead in 2014?



We are on the brink of 2014!  

Who knows what lies ahead?  


Personal experience,  study of the Bible, & wisdom of sages 

   have taught me. . . 

…my future is a creative partnership between myself and God.   


King David testifies of this creative partnership in Psalm 37:23-24.

   “Adonai directs a person’s steps,

            and He delights in his way 

           He may stumble, but he won’t fall headlong,

            for Adonai holds him by the hand.”

                   (Complete Jewish Bible translation)


Here’s how it works. . .


Adonai (Hebrew for ‘Lord‘) comes alongside us and says,

    ‘I have prepared a special pathway for you in 2014. 

        You may not see what is around the bend–

           take courage, press on, the best is ahead!


    ‘On this path you will meet people, encounter circumstances and visit places. 

        Each has a purpose and all fit into my plan for you.  

        Your attitude, your thinking & your emotions will be challenged.

        You will exercise power of choice (‘free will’) as you respond 

           to the people, situations and places along your journey.  


     ‘Sometimes you will stumble & fall, make a bad decision, choose the wrong way;

           but never fear, I won’t let you fall–

        I’m right beside you ready to steady you with my strong hand,

           just as a loving father watches his toddler stumble through his first steps,

              ready to catch him as he falls.


     ‘And when you do fall on your face. . .

        I am at your side to help you back on your feet again. 


      ‘Eventually, with practice, 

        you will walk with steady step, 

        with perfect balance,

           ready to take on bigger challenges that I have prepared for you.    


     ‘In the meanwhile, as you begin the road marked 2014, remember this . . . 

        I’m directing your steps–

           I enjoy (‘delight in’) watching you learn to walk–

        I’m right beside you ready to catch you when you stumble or fall. 


     You will make it through 2014 and be a better person for having travelled that road!


Here’s a prayer to help you on your way . . .



     I completely and unconditionally trust You to direct my steps today. 

     I won’t try to figure everything out on my own,

        nor will I assume I know it all;

     instead I will look for Your guiding, helping hand,

        I will listen for Your still, small voice–

           speaking wisdom to my heart.

     I have no fear, 

        because You love me completely and unconditionally

           and You will keep me on track.

     Thank you . . . I love you.



The Sage