What’s Ahead in 2015? (Part 2)


Not only is 2015 the year of the whirlwind, a year of shake-downs and changes, it is a year of the window. As a metaphor, window speaks of vista, opportunity and sovereign provision. So then, 2015 will be a year of unusual paradox. On the one hand, we will be pressed to embrace massive change, and on the other, we will be faced with unprecedented opportunity. Our ability to seize opportunity will depend largely on our clarity of view.

The year ahead will be marked by windows of revelation—the eagle’s point of view as he soars high above circumstances on winds of change versus the turkey’s very limited earth-bound perspective as he waddles about quite befuddled by the surrounding clamor. Those who are fully present in the moment and paying attention will steadily find clarity about three fundamental issues: (1) who is God, (2) who am I, and (3) what is my purpose or mission in life. Without clarity on these three issues, 2015 will be very difficult and very long!

Lines in Solomon’s love poem, Song of Songs, read: “There he is, standing outside our wall, looking in through the window, peering in through the lattice.” The poet paints a picture of the Almighty standing outside our defensive walls of resistance and exclusion, attempting to get our attention, hoping to be invited in to share intimacy. Sadly, the maiden rejects her lover’s advances—it is, after all, rather inconvenient; the hour is late and she has already retired for the night. When she realizes her foolish mistake, he has vanished into the night.

During our darkest nights in 2015, when ‘convenience’ and hope are already spent, the Almighty will appear at the window. Will we recognize Him? Will we invite Him in? Will we open our hearts to His love?

The Apostle John tells us God’s perfect love dispels all fear. His perfect love reassures our fainting heart. Saturated with the Father’s love, we can face the shaking of any whirlwind in 2015! But God is also Light, the Apostle reminds us. As God speaks, His Voice dispels the darkness and shows us the path through the night. I pity the one who misses his windows of revelation in 2015.

Not only are there windows of revelation, there are windows of opportunity ahead. Charles Dickens opens his Tale of Two Cities with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” The windows of opportunity amid the whirlwinds of 2015 will be discovered by those whose eye is trained on possibilities and solutions that are camouflaged by problems and adversity. Opportunities are seized by those whose heart is filled with radical, daring faith—faith that is free of the shackles of religiosity and alive in intimate relationship with the Creator! Opportunities are seized by those with technology in their hands and tenacity in their hearts, who press through obstacles and failures until success is achieved. It is such mettle that the Almighty searches out to empower in 2015.

Elisha the great prophet of double-portion miracles lay sick near death in bed. Joash, the king, visited his spiritual mentor to bring words of comfort. Shocked by Elisha’s condition, the king exclaims, “O my father, my father. The chariots and horsemen of Israel.” Elisha knew death was fast approaching, but he had one more assignment. “Bring a bow and arrows. Open the window to the east and shoot an arrow.” Joash did as instructed. “Victory is yours!” proclaimed the prophet. “Every obstacle on your path is overcome!” The king’s heart swelled with those empowering words. “Now,” Elisha urged him, “take your arrows and strike the ground!” Joash pounded the floor—one! two! three!—and stopped. “Why did you stop!” the prophet shouted angrily. “Had you struck five or six times, you would have brought your greatest enemy to utter defeat! Now your victory will be bitter-sweet and incomplete!”

The arrows in our hands shot confidently through the windows of opportunity are “the arrows of Yahweh”. Victory is assured. But the telling question of 2015 is, how determined and persistent are we? When obstacles, failures and gainsayers stand to impede our progress, will we give up after two or three tries? Or will we get up, muster our last ounce of courage, blow upon the embers of passion in our heart, re-focus and push forward until even our worst fear is utterly defeated!

One more kind of window will manifest in 2015—the windows of heaven.

Besieged by the formidable Syrian army, Israel’s circumstances were beyond grim. The king and his captain visited Elisha to hurl accusation and blame at the prophet. God in His great mercy pronounced a word of deliverance, “By the hand of the Almighty provision beyond your hopeless imagination will come into your hands.” Fixated on the austere conditions of reality around him, the general sneered, “This could never happen even if God made windows in heaven!” Elisha answered coldly, “You will see this happen, but others will derive the benefit, not you!” As predicted, the Almighty’s angelic host miraculously vanquished the Syrian army. The spoils of war along with enough food and provisions for a glorious victory celebration transferred into the hands of God’s people. The stampeding throng trampled the general to death in the rush for plunder.

The windows of heaven will open over us in 2015—miracles of provision, angelic assistance and portals through which earth reaches heaven and heaven touches earth. We must be careful this year to refrain from saying “This could never happen” of miracles we desperately need. Instead, let us declare with our mouth until it resonates deeply in our mind and heart that “By the hand of the Almighty provision beyond your hopeless imagination will come into your hands.” If we hear ourselves say it often enough, we may actually come to believe it. And even if our faith grows weary, our Father remains faithful; He will come through for us.


Image courtesy of dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net