What’s It Worth To You?


Have you ever given thought to

   what is really important?

      Not to your parents.

      Not to your peers.

           To you!

What’s really important to you?


Let’s do some self evaluation.


List the 3 things you value most—

   the 3 things most important to you.

      Take your time. Dig deep.

Arrange them in order of value & importance

Next . . . list the 3 things you spend most time on.

   Again, arrange your list in order.


Now compare your lists.


Here’s the thing . . .

   what you devote most time to,

   that is what you value most…

   that is what is most important to you.


You  see . . .

   you will always find time

        to do what is important to you.

   you will always spend the most time

        on what is most important to you.


Therefore . . .

Choose carefully what is valuable and important to you?


Think of it this way . . .

   if you keep spending your time as you do now,

        where will you be 5 years . . . 10 years from now?


This may help you choose what is valuable and important.


Look closely at peers and adults around you.

   List qualities and virtues you admire in them.

      (Never mind the annoying things—

         if you focus on those,

      you will soon be doing the same!)

Practice these qualities and virtues

   until they become your own.

Spend a good amount of time working on them—

   they are valuable and important to you!


Look closely at yourself.

   List your strengths—

      qualities you admire . . . things you do well.

   (Never mind weaknesses and faults—

      they will fall away one by one

      as you focus on building your strengths!)


Like you would train in the gym to build stamina and endurance,

   diligently exercise your knowledge, experience, talents and skills.

No one is born with these . . .

   they are acquired through learning and practice!


Become the worthy person you are born to be.

Devote your time to the things that add value to your life.

Image courtesy of nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net